Truscova and Remedi Partner to Enhance Security of Decentralized Embedded Finance Solutions

Truscova, a leading smart contracts security audit company, and Remedi, a decentralized embedded finance solutions provider, today announced a partnership aimed at enhancing the security and reliability of Remedi's decentralized embedded finance solutions.

"Healthcare payments are a critical area where security is of utmost importance, and we're excited to partner with Remedi to enhance the security and reliability of the decentralized embedded finance solutions," said Dr. Muhammad Naiman Jalil, Co-founder and COO of Truscova. "By leveraging our expertise in formal verification and other leading security technologies, we can help Remedi provide a more secure and convenient payment solution for healthcare providers and patients."

"This partnership is a major step forward in our mission to provide secure and reliable decentralized embedded finance solutions for healthcare providers and patients," said Erdem YaĞan, Co-founder and CEO of Remedi. "By partnering with Truscova, we can ensure that our payment plan solution is held to the highest security standards in the industry, providing even greater peace of mind for our customers."

The partnership between Truscova and Remedi represents a significant step forward in the healthcare industry's efforts to leverage blockchain technology for secure and reliable decentralized embedded finance systems. With decades of academic research and expertise, and a commitment to innovative solutions, Truscova and Remedi are well-positioned to drive progress in this important area.
About Truscova

Truscova is a leading smart contracts security audit company, specializing in formal verification and other leading technologies to ensure security and reliability of software systems. With more than 100 years of combined learning technology experience, Truscova brings together established Verification and Testing experts, computer scientists, business specialists, machine learning experts, and design technologists. Truscova comes with 30+ years of academic research and hundreds of academic publications which pioneered the area of Formal Verification. The team combines academic leadership, industrial strength, and Blockchain expertise.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Dr. Muhammad Naiman Jalil, COO & Co-founder, Truscova
Dr. Muhammad Hassan, CEO & Co-founder, Truscova
Prof. Dr. Rolf Drechsler, Advisor & Co-founder, Truscova
About Remedi

Remedi is a decentralized embedded finance solutions provider in healthcare that enables patients to receive healthcare services immediately and pay over time. Without the need for healthcare providers to worry about collecting payments, Remedi's decentralized embedded finance solution offers a secure and convenient payment option for healthcare providers and patients, making it easier for patients to afford the treatments they need.

Erdem YaĞan, CEO & Co-founder, Remedi
N. Alpay Karagöz, Ph.D., CTO & Co-founder, Remedi